GAS TURBINE UV Flame Scanner

NEVSKY Gas Turbine UV Flame Scanner System

Model: PFS325GT3

Scanner Specs

Scanner No: 3

Spectral Response Range: 190 nm to 260 nm

Applicable for Natural Gas Flame Monitor

Amplifier Specs

Power Supply: 230VAC

16 bits Microprocessor Base

Driver Channels For Scanner: 3

Detection Manner: Pulse Counting (With Digital Noise Canceller)

Flame Relay: 3 Pin (NC-COM-NO)

Safety Time (OFF Delay Time): 1 to 5 Sec

Flame ON Voting:  2 OF 3

Flame Intensity Indicator: 10 LEVEL LED Bar graph Per Channel

Panel Mounting: Yes

Contact Details

Address: No.127, Fanafarini Building No.1 Isfahan Science and Technology Town, University of Technology Blvd., Isfahan, Iran

Phone: (+98) 31 33 93 24 56

Fax: (+98) 31 33 93 24 57


Our goal

Sahand Sanat Partikan Company with the slogan "Innovation resulting from experience and technology" and benefiting from human and technical capital and according to the future perspective of the country, will be a company "leading in self-sufficiency and expansion of localization of thermocouples and flamethrowers in the field Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Plants "